Lonely and Loving

Things have become pretty fucked up lately. People I’ve known my whole life are suddenly strangers. And that makes you question things. If it’s so easy to be desolated, then it must have been something there before?

I am crushed, yes. But somehow relieved. I mean, it was horrible, but now it all seems like a piece of history that will be kept, no matter what. And Buddha said that nothing lasts forever. Well, Buddha was a clever man, whom spoke true words.

We also have Murphy’s law;

Everything that can happen does happen.

It is sad, yet true. And I will rather have a heartbreaking truth than a warming lie, even though it might hurt like hell. But let’s face it; Lies hurt more.

I won’t point out what went wrong. I believe that something started to crack a long time ago. I remember the summer two years ago, crying because I saw this wouldn’t work. And that wasn’t the first time..

I had it coming.



I would be devastated and alone right now if it hadn’t been for this wonderful guy, who always makes me smile. So all creds to him. He’s my everything, and things are looking pretty good right now, so that’s something to focus on, and not the past.