The Show Must Go On

Today I played in this little play called “Falsen spillet” or “The Falsen Play”.

The play was about the man who is called “The Constitution’s Father”. I played his second wife (his first wife died pretty early), which was a lot of fun. 

The reason this play was made is because today is 200 years since the Norwegian constitution was written; something that’s a pretty big deal. At least here in Norway. And as I might have told you earlier at this little, funny blog of mine, I want to become an actress. 

I was on national TV.

People saw me act.

I couldn’t be happier.

Sorry, but I have to brag a bit.. This is maybe the greatest thing I’ve done during my “acting-career”. It was over 1500 people who were contributing. Plus I had the greatest female part as well. I’m in ecstasy. 



Here’s a picture from the live streaming earlier today. Yes, I’m the girl in the velvet shawl. This scene is from “my” wedding. 

The best word to describe my feeling right now: asdfghjkl!




Life right now

At this very moment, life is pretty good. Well, at least for me…

Exams are coming up, but I’m not worried for some weird reason. It just feels like I’m floating through everything now, that I’m just little and fragile and meaningless.

It feels good.

It feels like whatever I do, it doesn’t matter that much. 

I don’t have to end a war.

I don’t have to start one. 

The only thing I currently have to do is focus. And that’s pretty easy. Right?


Have a great day, however and whatever you feel and have to do. 

~Tada ❤



Flat Philosophy

Flats are pretty weird if you think over it. You´re just in a box, stacked upon another one, stacked upon another one… Like rats in a cage.

Imagine what´s happening under you. Maybe it´s a peace declaration? An unannounced war? Nothing? Everything? Who are the people living around, over and under you? Psychopaths? The next nobel peace winner? A dictator?

Maybe they´re just like you.


Out the window you can see tiny ants, or humans in a hurry as some might call it. What are they rushing to? Who are they running from? What are they running from? Time, problems, relationships?


We´re living in a mad world. Stacked upon each other, always hurrying towards something we´re never going to get in time.




You know when you’re just trying to be the best version of yourself, but then turn into someone else. When you stop knowing who you are, who you where and who you are going to be. Who are you then?

A stranger?

An enemy?

A friend who only wants the best for you?

When does it cross the line when you’re trying to be perfect.

Is it when you hurt yourself?

Or is it when you hurt others?

Why did you try being someone else in the beginning? Is this worth it?

Is it worth being someone else, someone society wants you to be and be unhappy the rest of your life?

Why weren’t you good enough in the beginning? Who told you to be different? 

Don’t change. Be you.


Paint and pop music

Right now I’m supposed to make an idea to how a scene should look like. The story is my life, so it’s very whimsical and me-ish.  The music that’s playing now is Justin Bieber (not a fan).

So my creativity isn’t at the top.

Well, it’s hard to be creative in a room oozing with dramaqueens (not the good type) and meaningless rap. 

Hurray for Secondary High School. 

Okay, I can’t be super negative. 

Okay, I can be super negative. I’m hungry and craving for something yummylicious. 


So, that sums it up.