About This Guy

So, I’ve had this perfection of a person to call mine for over half a year now. And I know it’s a little silly to blog about love and cliché thingys, but this blog is mainly for me to express my feelings through words.

I’m in love. And yes, I’ve been in love before, but not far as much as I am right now. And even though it’s been a little over six months, I still get this little rush and butterflies whenever I get to see him again. And that must be a good sign, right? I mean, six months and still having this giggling crush on him.

I love this guy with all I have of hormones that tells me so. And I know I said he was perfect earlier, and let’s face it, no one is perfect. But he is for me, so in my eyes, he is.

He is everything I’ve ever wanted and asked for. I can picture us having a future together, he, I and a cat. And I have never pictured myself with anyone in the future before; it has always been me, alone, doing school or what ever. So just having someone I can imagine further with is amazing

I wish everybody could have this feeling for someone, and at the same time receive it back, because this is too wonderful. I find myself smiling whenever I think about him (which is quite a lot), and my heart jumps whenever I get a message, and then does a backflip when I see it is his name on the screen. Sorry for a lot of gooey, lovey thingys, but yes.

I’m in love.

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