A Teeny-Tiny Update

A lot of things have happened since last post. Some of them might sound unrealistic (especially for me). Firstly, I got a boyfriend. What? Me? Yes. How? I don’t know. Why me? Not quite sure. But I’m not going to question much around it. I’m over the top of happiness! Just thinking back to the beginning of this school year and until now, it all seems unrealistic (as I mentioned earlier). Just thinking that there is someone I love to spend time with, also loves to spend time with me is a little much, but I like it. Sorry (not really) for cheesy blogging about how perfect my life is right now, but it’s weird. It all happened so quickly, yet not. In the beginning of my “life-blogging” it was all about how I didn’t like my class, and that they were all a bunch of drama queens with bad music taste. But suddenly I found some cool kids with better music taste (and taste in friends, huhu). And then I met this gorgeous guy! And to top it off, I went to London with my best friend and my mother (who is adorable). Beam! 6tag-11839665-762890824232528168_11839665[1]6tag-11839665-762176509640763937_11839665[1] 6snap-140721-173421[1] 6snap-140721-174212[1] ~Tada ❤