Some are fathers,
Some mothers.
Others are sisters,
And others are brothers.
Some are queens,
Some are kings.
You might be honey,
Or maybe you’re darling.
You can be straight,
You can be gay.
You can be bi
(That’s also okay!)
You can be a freak,
And a nerd,
And also a geek.

It all depends on what you do
So, what role are you?


Pretty Things

Humans today are obsessed with pretty things.

And to be honest, I also like pretty.

Even though something is pretty, it can also be ugly.

We have to learn to see behinds the looks.

And if do, and if we forget all the objective and all of the glitters and feathers,

would the world become prettier then?


Dramatically Happy

My life in SHS is starting to stabilize. I do now talk a little bit to the rest of my class, but we still don’t have anything in common. But I have my books and a library, so I’m happy. It has also been a lot of autumn rain lately. I love the rain. Maybe even sometimes more than the sun? It depends on my mood. 

I feel like I only write rubbish right now, but I’m in an writing mood.


Anyways, have a good autumn day! ❤