Today’s day

Today’s day (and yesterday’s day) have been (so far) fine.

Not good or bad.

Just fine.

I wasn’t totally honest on my last post. I had one girl I talked to (maybe because I knew her before SHS). Of course, she loves One Direction and she does talk mean about others, just like any other of the girls in my class (or any other “regular” teenage girl”).

Yesterday, I found out that she has been telling others things about me behind my back.

Poor little thing.

There must be an more interesting topic than me an my problems out there?

But, I know I’m not the only one, and I would much rather be the person the mean girls talks about rather than one of the mean girls.

And if you are one of the mean girls, please stop. You’ll never get anywhere acting that way.


Secondary HIgh School, So Far

I thought that Secondary HS would be more fun than High School.


As I’ve said earlier, I am over the top of joy that I made it into the drama class. I thought that all drama kids were “freaks” (different, crazy, me-ish)


The girls in my class and I have nothing in common. Except drama, of course. They all either listen to Justin Bieber, One Direction or Selena Gomez.

I don’t.

But I’m not going to be super negative. My teachers are cool. And that reminds me of a “fight” between me and the class that I won: Tomorrow, we are going to watch a movie with the class, just to get to know each other and stuff. Of course one of the girls screamed “We have to watch Fame since we’re drama kids!” (she thinks that we’re an episode from Glee). I really didn’t wan’t to see Fame, because then I would hear “FAME! I’M GONNA LIVE FOREEVEEEER” rest of the year. I panicked, and said the first movie I could think of: “What about the Muppets?”. Then my teacher freaked out (of joy) and told everyone that The Muppets was super hilarious. The girls still wanted Fame, though.

Anyway: On Friday, the other teacher of mine told us which movie we were going to watch: “We chose the Muppets”

I knew then that I had the teachers on my side.

Ahh, Secondary High School ~<3