Good Morning Starshine, the Earth Says Hello!

     I know it’s not morning exactly, but this quote is to cute to not be used. 

     Well, my blogging has been lazy, and I can proudly say that I haven’t. You see, I just bicycled from Ås (my little home town, but not for long!) to Kristiandsand. I know this might not make any sense, so let me make it easier to understand: I BICYCLED AROUND 350 KM IN 4/5 DAYS! (phew). And I consider myself average lazy.

      Well, enough bragging about myself. 

      Just kidding, I got into the school I wanted! There, done. 

      Anyway, on Monday, my sister, mother and I are going to Berlin! So therefore I am going to have an update about how the little trip went, the cute places I saw and hopefully a lot of pictures.

      I have already set my eyes on some stuff I really, REALLY want to see. An example is Zuckerfee, which is a café with Victorian English inspired look. Can’t wait! I have looked at their homepage and Facebook page, but unfortunately they are both in German. But nothing stops me because I’ve got another trick up in my sleeve *dramatic pause* GOOGLE TRANSLATE! Maybe not the best, but okay.


Well, that was all for now.