Europride 2014

I am over the top of happiness; Europride is held in Oslo in 2014! Hurray for the gay!

This is from the Gay Parade in Oslo last year. I love the person with the mustache. So happy! It was very hard to take pictures since I’m not the tallest one, but I think I captured pride pretty good.





I have never understood why people judge others because of their color, their religion, who they like and where they come from. We are just humans, nothing less, nothing more.
When it comes to others, I’m colorblind. I can’t see what color they are before they show me themselves. People always color themselves; some are grey and boring, others are colorful and inspiring. Others is almost not colored at all, and some let others color them. We color ourselves every day, some even after their death.

Use your colors right. Not all colors can be erased.



Hello world

Hi. My name is irrelevant, but if you want to know it, it’s Thyra. Shockers, right. Well, here’s the reasons why I made a blog:

1) I like writing. That’s a good thing, since I’ve opened a blog. I am going to write about what bothers me, what inspires me, and what excites me. And believe me, that’s a long, long list. And even though I am Norwegian, I like to write English because English is great. You can write whatever you like, and still it sounds and looks so much better in English.

2) I like taking pictures and I have a camera (good combination!).

3) Fun!

Well, that was my blog. And a little bit about me.